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Prevetting / Regular Onboard Training

Shipping Tankers OCIMF/SIRE ranking has become an indispensable tool for independent owners /Managers in order to ensure employment for their vessels. A Pre-Vetting Inspection indisputably helps eliminate / minimising the risk of negative observations during a SIRE Vetting, thus maintaining a low observation score in the database.

What we Do !

  • Our experts join the vessel and carry out exhaustive inspection covering all areas onboard in relation to the SIRE Vetting programme with special focus on the Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (VIQ) and prepare the vessel for an upcoming vetting.
  • The overall objective is to identify any Gap / deficiencies which, according to the inspector’s experience, are likely to cause a negative response during a SIRE Vetting.
  • A detailed check of certification on board confirming compliance with ISM / SMS procedures
  • Working with diverse nationalities at all levels and appraising their performance to Managers / Owners on Competence, Aptitude, Professionalism, Behavioural attitudes.
  • The Owners / Managers are kept abreast on daily proceedings with recommendations and assist onboard responsible persons in resolving pointed out observations.
  • On the spot guidance is given in weaker areas in order to prepare them best for a Vetting Program.
  • We sit through the SIRE Inspection and assist the staff sail through A comprehensive to-do-list is handed over to Master and Managers for follow ups before the Inspector / Trainer gets off the vessel.
  • Upon request we can also assist with Owner’s response following a SIRE Vetting with negative observations.

This is further complemented by -

  • Trainings on dedicated subjects. Also our Training superintendents carry out coaching on identified weaker areas of officer / crew.
  • Brief presentations are done to apprise the crew on shipping industry updates and vetting news / circulars
  • A cargo Audit is done (if requested by client) to assess the general competence and preparedness of officers directly involved in the loading / care in transit & discharging of the cargo.
  • Pioneer has successfully cruised through refining Safety, Quality and Operational standards onboard and have prepared over 1,500 vessels for SIRE Inspections.

Data Analysis of recorded data collected from Internal / External Auditors – We do analysis of biggest dataset and provide proper presentation in order to have ready and handy for management to make decision.