Real Time Live Navigational Audits

The biggest risk facing a ship owner is a major navigational incident in spite of the fact that the techniques for safe navigation are well known.

Despite the advances made in bridge training and navigational aids, analysis of tanker incidents during the period 1978 – 2011 indicates that navigational incidents involving collisions, contacts or groundings have consistently accounted for around half of all incidents and even larger percentage of significant oil spills. (Source Intertanko).

The predominant cause of these navigational incidents is human error due to poor training / auditing for compliance with COLREGS and SMS procedures.

What is Navigational Audit?

It’s a program that assesses & evaluates the competence and skill sets of the bridge team in concurrence with companies SMS and industry standards. According to OCIMF TMSA element 5 (Stage 4.3) recommends, the operator shall arrange independent navigational reviews to check the navigational competence.

What do we DO!

The audit process consists as a minimum of the following elements:

  • Navigational skills and procedures assessment
  • Bridge Team Management / Resource management
  • ECDIS / Nautical Charts, Publications and Chart corrections
  • Evaluation of the bridge team basis Professional knowledge, Navigation practices, Compliance & Soft skills assessment
  • Interviewing each officer and carry out minimum set of trainings / PPT presentations, real-time assessments and open forums
  • Our Auditors are suitably qualified with relevant experience, knowledge & updated with our own pool of recurring findings.
  • They will use checklists / questionnaires as per industry (SIRE/VIQ) and Oil Majors’ standards and analyse audit results to identify weak areas, training needs and trends in accordance with TMSA2, Element 5.
  • Detailed reports are provided reflecting the navigational practices based on the client’s procedures and applicable requirements.
  • The value of Final de-brief is most significant when despite a potential of disagreement we need to highlight gaps and suggest improvements.
  • Ours is a team who believe in adding value rather gather accolades and this all has been fine tuned to where we stand strong today.