Structured procedures

Training Assistance During Change of Management / Yard Deliveries

Wherein a Trainer joins the vessel along with the new crew and sail with the vsl for 8-10 days. Pioneers trainers are assisting during takeover of vessels and yard deliveries. We go onboard and help in setting up SMS systems as well as training the ships staff in following the company procedures thus enabling onboard management system to be aptly prepared. We have fully structured procedures for such training and have attended over 500 ships for HSSEQ Implementation.

  1. Setting up of ISM system onboard through structured set up procedures so as to have the vessel compliant uniformly from the very beginning.
  2. Get past the initial ISM/ISPS audits.
  3. Practical Training of the crew as regards to the Company ISM - complying with check list and following correct procedures
  4. Carry out Internal Audits at the end of the stay on board to assess the situation onboard wrt procedures being followed.
  5. Check the vsl as per the CDI / Rightship / VIQ inspection criteria